I would like this opportunity to tell you a bit about us at

Kitty's Cattery...

Planning, building and opening Kitty's Cattery has been a life changing experience.  Although I have lived with cats all of my life, I have always wanted to work with them, so opening a cattery has made my dream come true.  

I live with my husband John and our 2 adopted cats.  Please allow me to introduce them...

kitty la la in grass by kitty''''s catteryTiggy

"Kitty La La" was a sweet black and white cat who turned up one day when she was only a kitten.  She was the founding member of the cattery.  Unfortunately she became very poorly and we had to say goodbye.  She will always be remembered and dearly missed.

"Tiggy" is more like a dog than a cat and enjoys life on her terms!  She's very vocal, loves water and climbing trees and she is the clumsiest cat we've ever known!  We adopted her from a friend due to job committments.

Our latest family addition is "Charley Farley Fat Face" who was abandoned just before Christmas (can you believe it?).  My husband is pleased that there's another male in the house!  It also goes without saying that he gets on really well with Tiggy!

fat face dreaming catteries worcester

As well as domestic cats, I'm also passionate about the welfare of "big cats".  I have adopted a tiger and I'm a member of the WWF, you will see examples of this around the cattery.

To finish off the family introduction, we also have 2 horses called Millie and JJ.

Kitty's Cattery, Broadwas, Worcester, WR6 5NT
Tel: 01886 821154